Starting To Actually Realize Magic Ain't Pretty II

Star takes all of the things you’ve brought him and moves them into unique piles. He mutters some words and the space around the items begins to shimmer. You watch as one by one each pile contracts and warps the space around it. Blinking your eyes, the sight makes you feel a little woozy and after a moment, only a handful of treasure chests remain on the ground. “The old Chest of Holding trick, learned this one from a book, but the subpixel alignment was tricky…” He pauses a moment before looking at you, “Well, guess we’ll have to take these back by hand. Next time we’ll add feathers to the mix and speed up the lattice transference. And I just love featherfall.”

Star’s tower is as majestic as it is plain and uniquely magical. Surfaces glitter in the light, and there is a seam in the middle from the damage Geist inflicted to the tower in the past, but that only seems to add to the mystique and beauty of the building. Crystal parapets reflect sunlight, glittering rooftops shimmer in extraordinary ways reacting to unseen inputs, a direct contrast to the staid concrete walls and windows. You are directed towards the basement and with each step you descend, the walls widen until you reach a room that is clearly bigger than the entirety of the base of the tower, which your brain struggles to rationalize.

Star arranges the treasure chests in a circle and with a wave of his hand, they empty their contents, a rush of power and air sweeping by you as all the items expand back to their previous sizes. Star stands in the middle of the room, the treasure map laid before him, a single ring from each of the rings you brought to him plucked from the pile, and a double inset ring in the middle.

He stretches his arms forth and you can sense a tingle in the back of your mind. The magical energy in the basement is palpable, as invisible runes suddenly come to life, lining the walls in a dazzling display of color.

As quickly as it begins, the runes fade, and a single speck of light falls from between Star’s outstretched arms, and lands on the map, causing a flare of color.

Star laughs with glee at the sight. “I knew it! The transference of rarity, effort and talent all combined to help power this spell of finding! {player}, we need more! More! I think we need to adjust the expenditure slightly, so I’ve made some modifications to your list. Hopefully we’ll get a clearer picture of what that map is hiding next time. Oh, and, thanks {player}.”
Tower Level
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