Starting To Actually Realize Magic Ain't Pretty XI

Star takes the organized items and arranges them in a precise manner you don’t fully understand. Each item is placed even more delicately than usual - Star’s intensity is in full display as your anticipation for the spell’s conclusion builds, hoping against hope this was your last request and he can proceed.

Finally, when all is said and done, you see a look of disgust on Star’s face as he places the lemon directly on top of the map. “What I wouldn’t give for some gloves and an incineration facility.”

Star stands back, and begins to raise his arms. For a moment, nothing happens. You see a look of strain on Star’s face and finally a spark coalesces into a dazzling pulsating pinpoint of light from between his outstretched hand and falls gently towards the map.

As the pinpoint of light descends towards the map, it begins to get brighter and brighter until you are forced to avert your eyes and a sound like a rushing tornado hits you - from across the room Star cries out and a rush of wind and energy envelops you as your vision grows dark.
Tower Level
Starting To Actually Realize Magic Ain't Pretty X