Starting To Actually Realize Magic Ain't Pretty VIII

You return to Star’s tower and head into the basement. It has been cleaned up entirely, with the map sitting in the middle of the room. It glows slightly, and you can see the familiar topography of your region, but something strikes you as off about the whole view. It feels…skewed as if done from memory. Inspecting the map for a few moments longer, you realize Star has not visited you yet and you head up into his tower, finding him sitting dejected in his sitting room.

He gives you a half-hearted wave. The sitting room is a luxurious purple and green. The sofa is a material you’ve never seen before, and various pictures adorn the walls. They shift in the light and glimmer softly. After a moment, Star stands and addresses you, “I’m sorry, {player}, in my haste for discovering what this map said, I tried using a form of transmutation to shortcut the items required, but instead of supercharging this spell of clarification, it actually absorbed some of the magic in an exvestitation like I’ve never seen before.” He sighs, and offers you an orange juice before shuffling off to the basement. “Really, I am sorry, but your help still means the world to me. Oh and, don’t tell Rosalie about this, would you?”

You follow him to the basement, feeling rejuvenated by his orange juice and candor.

Items piled around, Star begins to cast the spell again and halfway through his motions he stops. “Great Scott! That’s it!”

He stops and moves the rings into a new pattern and looks to you excitedly, “I know how to speed this up, it’s…temporally related somehow! This map doesn’t exist where it should! No wonder it was taking so much juice, it’s not from now!”

Waving his hands, he hands you a list as he mutters to himself about realigning the future and past according to the tomes of Thafeproc the Wise, using Ylberian methods combined with Romuskan gravitronic coupling.
Tower Level
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