Secretly A Society Summons You XI

A dice-off among this secret society is, as you soon find out, a game of dice involving two players rolling two dice each to get closest to seven with the smallest gap between the two numbers rolled. Ties require a re-roll. In this particular format, each matchup is won by getting two wins out of three total rolls.

In this very particular instance, Buddy distributed six dice to every member of the society and then two dice to you. He then instructed all of the society members to roll their three turns onto the table in front of them, separated neatly and clearly for you to come roll against. If there are any ties, the member is expected to re-roll with you until the tie is broken.

“Your mission”, Buddy says, “is to defeat two thirds of the members of this society. Do that, and you’re in. Fail to do it, and you won’t be able to join the SGSR.”

Oh good, a statistically improbable situation.

Despite the odds set against you, you approach each table, roll three times with each member of the society, re-roll ties, and then document whether you won or lost on a scorecard Buddy made for you. After all of your matchups, you find, and Buddy verifies, that you won three matches short of half of the total matches. Nowhere near two thirds.

“It’s ok.” Buddy says. “I don’t think anyone has won two thirds on their first try. The good news is you can keep trying. The bad news is you can’t join the SGSR. The really great news is you are welcome to attend our monthly potluck dinner tomorrow evening, if you’d like.”