Secretly A Society Summons You XII

Along with your contributions to the potluck dinner, you also bring the box of membership items that Buddy gave you as you return to the society’s secret headquarters. This time, Jenkins greets you at the entryway with a quizzical expression, but motions you onward to the common area.

As you enter the common area, you see a long stretch of tables connected together and covered with such a variety and quantity of food that you’re sure no crowd this size could ever eat it all. You place your potluck contributions on the table and then you and your box go and find a seat at one of the other tables spread around the great hall.

Before you have a chance to start looking around the hall, Buddy is in the seat next to you wondering why you brought your membership box.

“You’re not giving up, are you?”

You assure Buddy that you’re not giving up. Instead, you assumed the society would want their items back until you pass the dice-off test.

“But you just passed the real test!” Buddy interjects. “You didn’t give up! I said you couldn’t join the SGSR, but that’s not us. We’re actually the Gaming And More - Enigmatic Redbrook Society, or GAMERS for short. The test to join GAMERS was just to enjoy gaming and be a good sport about it. I’d say you definitely passed that entry requirement, friend.”

To make it official, Buddy jumps up in his chair and announces you as the newest member of the Gaming And More - Enigmatic Redbrook Society. After a round of applause, various cheers and hoots, and a booming “HURRAY!” from Buddy, Buddy invites everyone to eat.

As the other society members begin to browse the food and fill their plates, Buddy hops off his chair and congratulates you. He then pulls a pair of dice from his pocket and presents them to you.

“Keep these secret and safe. They will allow you to enter the society’s underground headquarters, along with a few other secret locations around Redbrook. You should come play cards at the secret card house!”

Not for the first time, or the last, you wonder if Buddy is this clever on purpose or if he just stumbles into these things.