Pirates Start Arriving XV

The final coin inserted - the passage slides open whisper quiet - the cracks and mechanisms betray the look of stone to be a more modern contraption of some kind but camouflaged. It looks somehow familiar - Romuskan, but at the same time, not. Mysteries for another day, you hope.

The passage leads to a small dock behind a waterfall. There, you see a single boat moored. It looks like it’s seen better days, and you also see a shadow slipping through the waterfall. Buddy!

George, Vincent, and Holger pore over the boat, but it seems more like a skiff to your eyes on second inspection. It would hold all four of you, probably, with some repairs. You all get to repairs as quickly as possible, noting the shadow of Buddy’s boat slipping into the distance in a watery shimmer.
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Pirates Start Arriving XIV