Pirates Start Arriving XVI

Boat repaired, your erstwhile crew punt into the open water. The water is strangely calm behind the waterfall, and with some of the poles you’ve made, you begin to note the water gets deeper and darker as you approach the waterfall. Shielding yourself from the falling water with your cloak, suddenly, the blue sky and sun arrive and the roar of a waterfall, water coursing from an unknown source is crashing behind you.

Buddy’s boat is barely visible, but with some looking glasses and quick thinking, Vincent steers the boat while you and George take oars and Holger deftly maneuvers the sails.

Mercifully after what seems like hours, George stops rowing, clearly winded. You stop rowing too, your arms and lungs burn ferociously. And yet, despite your efforts you are no closer to Buddy than when you started. Vincent scowls and directs the skiff towards land as he sees you’ve both stopped.

It’s clear you are going to need something with more power if you’re going to catch Buddy or head into any more open waters alone. Vincent looks towards you, “We’ll need some nautical help. I’m sure he was headed towards Pirate’s Cove, but if we’re going to approach there unnoticed, we’ll need the help of someone far more experienced. Someone’s gonna have to convince Ragvin to help us…”
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Pirates Start Arriving XV