Pirates Start Arriving XIV

You approach Buddy’s cave/home, and George pops out from behind some dense shrubbery. “Ni!” he splutters as he trips and stumbles. After gathering himself he gives a bit of a salute and says, “Nothing to report here! Buddy has had a fire lit since last night, and I’ve just been admiring the landscape!”

Vincent quickly fills George in with the plan, and the four of you step towards Buddy’s cave, and as you enter the mouth of the cave, you see the resplendent view of coins, gems, and other various tokens and baubles that have been placed almost haphazardly. On closer inspection it could almost seem that they had been placed in such a precise and meticulous fashion to dazzle a guest with a blinding display of vibrant colors across the entire room.

Your eyes adjust to the flickering light of a well made fire that is clearly on its last legs, surrounded by some cleverly placed mirrors that seem to enhance the light of the fire to make it look much brighter and fuller than reality.

“Buddy! Where are you?!” Vincent shouts, but only the crackling of the embers of the fire and the echo of Vincent’s voice greet you.

“Stars and stones! He’s gone!” Holger says breathlessly. George takes a moment of looking absolutely befuddled before Vincent spots some tracks heading off to a wall where they end mysteriously.

“Skull coins! I should have known…” Vincent points to the various indentations. It seems you’ll need some coins to open this mysterious passage.
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Pirates Start Arriving XIII