Pirates Start Arriving XIII

“Pirates are bad news, all the way around.” You see Holger half-heartedly picking at some breakfast as George is speaking.

“Well, they wouldn’t be here if it wasn’t for Buddy, as far as I’m concerned,” retorts Holger. The two of them stop as they see you approach and clear their throats.

Vincent gives you an earnest but frustrated look as he addresses you frankly. “We’re just concerned, {player}, what if those pirates attack Redbrook in full force? What greater recourse do we have? By all accounts, there’s multiple crews, multiple ships! I’d rather deal with a dictator than pirates, as frustrating as that is to say out loud. Buddy has proven a stalwart ally, but I worry he is too intimately involved with this crew to be objective.”

A new voice enters the room, stern and authoritative, “He may be intimately involved, but that means he may be your best solution too. Shame on you both for ostracizing someone who has given Redbrook so much over the past few years. I had hoped cooler heads would prevail, but I find you both here stirring dissent instead of solutions.” Cecil stands before the three of you, and sufficiently cowed, you see Holger and Vincent looking apologetic.

Vincent takes a moment before standing, “You’re right, Cecil, we should be using one of the town’s most loyal resources, and I feel terrible that I let personal doubt or mistrust get in the way of a good solution.”

Holger nods, a little more sullenly and adds, “Perhaps we should bring our friend a token of our appreciation and see how he would address this pirate crew.”
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Pirates Start Arriving XII