T'rah Notary Public Exam

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The answers to this test are revealed in the Notary Public questchain

What is a notary?

A public official authorized to attest to the authenticity of signatures.
A nationally recognized do-gooder who verifies interactionsbetween various constituents.
Someone who takes lots of notes.
A notable member of a town for whom you should trust implicitly.

Can a notary notarize their own signature?

It depends on who is watching.
Of course, notaries are a trusted figure of civil authority.
No, that would constiute a possible conflict of interest.
Yes, only when no dragon are present.

Which of these four is not required to be included on a notary seal?

Realm of T'rah
Confidunt In Dracones
Your Name
Notary Public

What is a notary's liability?

Any damages caused by failure or error
A firm talking to.

Which of these four is not a notary's key function?

Ignore dragon sightings and rumors.
Witness signing of documents.
Administer affimations related to signing of important documents.
Be vigilant for dragons.

Can a notary give legal advice?

Of course, they're a civil legend!
Yes, only when it relates to documents they have witnessed being signed.
No! They are witnesses to signings, not lawyers!
Depends on the day.

What is a notary journal?

A journal of all naps taken in the past 30 days.
A journal of all the famous people you've met during your travels.
A signed journal given to you by Ric Ryph.
A journal of all notarialacts performed.

What is the maximum fee a notary may charge?

12 silver
300 gold
100 billion gold
100 billion silver

Which of these four is not a correct way to verify the identity of a signer?

Identification documents
Personal knowledge.
Credible witness.
Your uncle's brother'sbest-friend said they're legitimate.

Can a notary create or certify copies of official records or documents?

Absolutely not.
Sure, notaries can do whatever they want.
Yeah, why not?

Which of these is not a reason to suspect a dragon lives in your town?

Random fires
Destruction of large buildings
Your uncle's brother's best-friend's niece said so.
Missing Livestock