Unexpected Visitor XIV

The interior of this building is nothing like you would expect. It’s nearly spotless inside, and dimly lit by tiny orbs strung across the walls. You, Jill, and Borgen begin to explore this room. “ONLY PERMITTED TO RETRIEVE ITEMS FOR REPAIRING UNIT.” ROOMBA points to a screen on the wall filled with 0’s and 1’s. “DO NOT REMOVE UNNECESSARY ITEMS FROM PREMESIS.”

“Well, how do we know what we’re looking for?” Jill asks. The screen on the wall changes to a different arrangement of 0’s and 1’s. “I WILL RETRIEVE THE ITEMS. YOU CHOOSE ITEMS OF CULTURAL SIGNIFICANCE AND VALUE TO LEAVE AS EXCHANGE.” ROOMBA ventures further into the building, and is soon out of sight.

The three of you look at each other, then start digging through your bags. You leave a pile of non-essential items in the center of the room. ROOMBA returns. “EXCHANGE COMPLETE. WE WILL DEPART AT SUNRISE.”
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Unexpected Visitor XIII