Pleasantly Arbitrating Misconstrued Relational Affronts, Troubles Skirted XIII

You return to the brothers with your hooks in tow and their shock is apparent.

Holger gives a wry smile, “Well, it’s a good thing the Raptor Fight Club exists, how else were we going to defend the town? We can’t rely on wizards or dragons, but our own talents and ingenuity. We need to find Buddy and find out what went wrong, and what we need to prepare for. {player}, thank you for your help. And for keeping the peace between my brother and I. Take this, it should help in your other ventures in the times ahead.”

Borgen stands up and shakes Holgers hand, and then yours. “It’s been a pleasure. Here, take this belt as a reminder of the brilliance of my brother’s fight club. There are none left in the world after the devastation of Romuska besides this one, so keep it safe. Perhaps the secret of Redbrook's raptors can be the surprise we need in the time ahead.”

The brothers leave - and you are left more questions than answers. Who are these pirates? Why would they threaten Redbrook? Did Holger know this all along? What weren't you being told? And why does a notary make so little anyways?
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Pleasantly Arbitrating Misconstrued Relational Affronts, Troubles Skirted XII