Pleasantly Arbitrating Misconstrued Relational Affronts, Troubles Skirted XI

You return with the requested items, confirming their existence and signing the notary.

The brothers seem to have come to some accord while you were gone this time. They sit quietly, both contemplating.

Borgen, for all his bluster, seems to genuinely care for his brother, though the mystery around the coins is no clearer today. You have garnered new respect for Holger. Though he hasn’t said it outright, the purpose of this visit was clearly to prove to you his ingenuity and drive for the town of Redbrook, his brother being there was just the icing on the cake, for him. The fireplace crackles, shadows shift and flicker in the room as the linked lanterns glimmer behind you. There’s a certain peace you aren’t ready to break as you enter the room.

Borgen breaks the silence after a few moments. “Ah yes, {player}, thank you for confirming these tales. Perhaps my travels have made me jaded, but in this moment, I’m just grateful for the time we’ve spent together. There’s one last thing we need from you. There’s been rumblings of a new pirate fleet gathering in the Vast. I heard a rumor in Bahltruvia that there was a cove guarded by a pirate legend that had been co-opted. Perhaps they were talking about Pirate’s Cove? It’s too dangerous for me to go, and Holger has some preparations to make. There are rumors that you've gone fishing there in the past, maybe you can get in and out more easily than any of us could?”

You remember the Notary oath you signed, but Borgen looks like he’s brooking no argument from you.
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Pleasantly Arbitrating Misconstrued Relational Affronts, Troubles Skirted X