Pleasantly Arbitrating Misconstrued Relational Affronts, Troubles Skirted VI

Holger takes the list and smiles grimly.

“Oh brother, these, they won’t do at all. And what in stars and stone is belt 42? No no no, magic is useless to me, I’m a simple man with a simple plan. These bugs might make a good snack though…”

Holger trails off and he looks hungrily towards your pantry. More and more, Holger begins to seem a different person in your eyes. He is craftier and more instinctive than you have previously observed. Maybe he’s always been this way, or maybe Borgen brings it out of him, you’re not quite sure.

“Well, I thought dragons were the answer, but the Mountain was as fruitless as ever. The skulls of some long forgotten war are littered there though, but have little value it seems, except as a reminder of a world we know nothing about. Still, maybe you’d be interested?”

Holger hands you back the list, and you go about your notarial duties. Maybe you need to petition the board of T’rah’s Notaries for an increase in maximum allowable fees...
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Pleasantly Arbitrating Misconstrued Relational Affronts, Troubles Skirted V