Pleasantly Arbitrating Misconstrued Relational Affronts, Troubles Skirted V

As you notarize the list and pass it back to Borgen, their conversation continues, almost as if you aren’t there.

“Ah yes, belt number 42?"

Borgen trails off, lost deep in thought for a moment. He effortlessly threads a coin between his fingers while he’s thinking. The absentmindedness of the gesture is astounding, his dexterity is akin to magic by your eyes.

He continues, almost to himself, "What could you possibly do with amber? What madness are you brewing Holger? The world has enough turmoil as it is without having two irresponsible members of the family... one of us has to look out for all of us..."

Borgen flips the old coin to his other hand, the subconscious motions are at once a delight and mystifying.

Holger gives a start at this final declaration but Borgen continues on once more.

“Well, I’ve gone a few other places, perhaps this madness can be stopped. Perhaps you’d be interested to see the specimens I’ve uncovered in the canyons and the strange magic in the rivers? It couldn’t hurt. And could be a lot safer...”

Borgen hands you a list and you head off to once again verify his claims, just to be sure. It’s a notaries job, after all.
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Pleasantly Arbitrating Misconstrued Relational Affronts, Troubles Skirted IV