Peculiar Endings VII

Rosalie trips over the final phrase as she recites the glowing note out loud, but Cecil looks thoughtfully at the group. “Well then, I guess we’re going to have to recruit ROOMBA for the next phase of this plan.” The wizard slowly lifts and sets his staff down, the peculiar gem on top pulsing softly, he mutters some words underneath his breath that you can’t quite catch and in a brief moment, his eyes lose focus and Cecil goes completely still.

“Could have gone better,” Cecil’s eyes snap into focus again. The rest of the group has finally recovered from this sudden turn of events and begin to look at each other uneasily.

“We’re going to need a group of people to reckon with Ric, I think, and I’m going to need a group to help me deal with Star’s problem. Perhaps we should split up?”

Buddy mumbles, “Never split the party,” so quietly you don’t think anyone else heard. The assembled members of the Golden Leaf deliberate before coming to the conclusion that a division of labor could be most welcome in this scenario. Rosalie, Cecil, and Beatrix decide to head up that group, while Buddy, Lorn, and Charles decide to head up Team Ric. Both groups decide that you are best used as a link between both and Buddy immediately suggests recruiting Vincent to your cause which seems entirely plausible, so your first order of business is finding both Vincent and ROOMBA.

In the spirit of cooperation, Rosalie suggests a gift bag for Vincent with lots of weapons and useful survival tools. And for ROOMBA, extra corn for his strange power needs, which you gladly agree to help collect.
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Peculiar Endings VI