Glacier Lake Effect I

A strange cold front came through recently from the north. It appeared and vanished within a few hours. After it passed, the temperature dropped swiftly and then bounced back up. The next morning, Beatrix was checking her garden and found that some of her crops froze completely solid. She gathered the crops and attempted to thaw them, but these frozen crops refused to cooperate. Beatrix tried everything she could think of to thaw them, but nothing worked. She even tried some mild explosives.

Now, the frozen crops are gone, but Beatrix is still curious about them. She needs to find more that she can examine. Will you check your fields to see if you have any?

Note: You can get some frozen crops by growing the regular version of the crop and they will drop randomly. You can also get them via Frozen Chest 01, which can be obtained from trading with other players, the 28-day Daily Chores reward, or the January Starter Pack (Open Frozen Chest 01 at the Locksmith)
Farming Level
Fishing Level
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Available From
January 1, 2024
Available To
March 1, 2024
Glacier Lake Effect II