Far Away XXIX

The Voyage Log for the Captain of the Two Fishers
Day 144 of Leaf 84 of Branch 1342

I, Captain Logan, have taken command of the Two Fishers to lead a chartered voyage to a remote island far to the east. The Two Fishers regular commander, Lieutenant Lizotte, will be commanding the Zefurea in my absence.

In addition to the Two Fishers’ regular crew, we have aboard the following passengers.

Lorn, of Redbrook
George, of Redbrook
Mariya, of Redbrook
{player}, of Redbrook

I have requested that each passenger volunteer to assist with the labors associated with such a long voyage. For the first leg of the trip, Lorn will be assisting with keeping our vessel tidy, George and {player} have volunteered to help with fishing, and Mariya volunteered to assist with meals. With this additional help, we should be able to comfortably make this voyage and still keep up with the vessel guiding us, a merchant ship called Balstar, commanded by Captain Ragvin.

Evening update:
Mariya is a welcome addition to our regular cook. We enjoyed three hearty and delicious meals today. The crew was quite pleased.

George and {player} helped catch a record haul for this vessel! That farmer sure can fish!

Lorn is doing a fine job of keeping the ship tidy, but some of the crew have complained already that he is a bit too zealous. I’ll encourage Lorn to go a little easier on them.
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