An Interesting Lunch II

After a hearty lunch with some pleasant, if uneasy, small talk with Holger about the weather, and various potato crop rumors, you are the first to see Borgen walking up to your home. You find this more than strange, a visit from the mysterious and nomadic Borgen to your home? Normally you find him in the market - if you find him at all.

Holger, in the middle of discussing potato stock prices, notices your attention stray for a moment and he immediately jolts when he notices his brother approaching your door.

He stands up and quickly growls, “Really? You low-down good for nothing... It's been four weeks since I saw you last, and you show up here to talk to {player} instead of letting me know you're alright?!”

Borgen offers a wide and surprisingly disarming smile to this accusation, spreading his hands in a non-threatening gesture he looks from you to Holger, “Brother, is that any way to greet me?”

Borgen pulls a satchel from his back with a heaping mound of steak and potatoes.

Holger looks from you back to Borgen and then laughs, giving Borgen a hug that envelops the smaller man entirely.

“Perhaps we should have second lunch? It’s been far too long!”
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An Interesting Lunch I