An Interesting Lunch I

A beautiful day greets you as you step out of your home. Though there are some creaks in the floorboards, and you need to re-oil the front door, the character of your home stands as a testament to the town as it has prospered around you, and the time you've toiled in Redbrook. Outside, the clouds dappled white and gray dot the horizon, indicating a possible incoming rainstorm in your future, best not to worry about the rain now, and you begin your morning chores. Farm animals, crops, visits into town, they all come second nature to you at this point. As you walk home after a long morning of tasks, you are joined by Holger, who looks at once a little nervous and a little joyful to see you today.

“Ah yes, {player} what a pleasure to see you today! Perhaps we could have lunch and discuss a matter of great importance to me?”

His nervousness and unease show through his greeting, and you feel compelled to hear him out. You both finish your walk back to the farm and you begin setting a table for lunch.
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