A Wall In The Way XV

The morning is clear, and you wake up to finish your final chores before Thomas arrives. Thomas’ enthusiasm is apparent, he practically runs and skips as you depart. With no cart and the food in your packs, you expect to make excellent time.

With no significant rain, and having recently traveled this way, you are able to pick your way back north faster than you expected. After a few days on the journey, Thomas seems quieter than usual. You reflect, for a moment before realizing he seems almost unrecognizable from the man you met when you moved to Redbrook. His drive, confidence, intensity and joy for adventure are far removed from the nervous, novice fisherman you met all that time ago.

As you approach the snowy phenomenon, you find Jill’s snow machine waiting for you, looking worn and covered in a few weeks of outdoor weather, but otherwise in good working order.

“What luck! This will cut down our snow travel considerably!” You press the big red start button and the machine sputters and whirs to life briefly before it dies.

“Must be out of corn oil.” Thomas quips.

Luckily, you brought some spare.
Fishing Level
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