The Fall of Water VI

The orb shines brightly, reflecting the light coming from outside. As you take the orb and put it in your pocket, Thomas falls to the ground, no longer shaking. The shadow immediately recedes, and again, you feel your head clear from the horrors of the moment. Taking a deep breath you feel a gentle wind rush through the chamber carrying a sound that could only be described as contentment.

Thomas is prone on the floor and you rush to his side. He is unresponsive at first but after a moment he looks at you with a lopsided smile.

“Was…it all a dream? I was me, but I was more. Or, I was someone or maybe something else?” He pauses momentarily, “Either way, it was so cool! I wish I could remember more.” he seems lost in thought, and you notice Thomas winces again as he uses his arms to stand up off the ground. For a brief moment, you swear you could see his hand disappear entirely.

A gentle snow falls in the room, the single opening in the chamber illuminates the Tomb of Zho, Guardian of Water, and for a moment, you close your eyes, the enormity of the moment giving you pause. You motion quietly to Thomas, not ready to disturb the serenity of the tomb. You both step outside the cavern and quickly realize that Zho’s Wall is gone, but the majesty of Zho’s Playground remains.

“Oh man, Glacier Lake is so cool! Let’s go fishing!” Thomas exclaims. You both laugh, and Thomas seems to be back to his old (new?) self, and after reflection you realize you might also like to take a moment to explore the lake. You both get into the ice boat and cast off, worries forgotten for the moment, the joy of discovery, fishing, and friendship are the only things you see on the horizon.
Fishing Level
The Fall of Water V