Strange Companions XXVII

Lorn and Rosalie engage in a lively debate about water speeds of various fish during the first parts of their refreshments, but Beatrix looks at the group with a growing intensity. Charles has taken up a position right off the porch and has been very quiet.

“My dear Rosalie, there is simply no way a pond trout could outswim a river trout. Clearly you’re unfamiliar with the patterns of the northern fjord trout…in my younger days I even - “

At this moment, Beatrix slams her drink on the table, a disgusted look on her face. All drinks go flying as everyone looks at Beatrix in bewilderment. “Beatrix! Explain yourself!” Lorn’s face is twisted up in an angry look you’re confident is typically reserved for particularly bad Buddy pranks.

Golden Leaf! Are you content to whittle the days of your life away knowing what we know of Cecil? The shadow? Are you all content to move on with life knowing something is *out there* threatening our lives? To say nothing of Cecil threatening to expose Geist to Ric?” You can feel the heat in the air as Beatrix’s indignation rises. “We must act!!”

Beatrix seems ready to burst before she sees the clear confusion on the faces of the rest of the group. She pauses a moment, “Oh? Oh. He didn’t. Yes, this is beyond me, if we must. For the Leaf.”

Beatrix calmly steps away from the group, “We will need you all to go inside for a moment, come back outside in about 5 minutes. Charles, please keep watch at the front of the house. We’ll be hungry when you get back.”
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