Pleasantly Arbitrating Misconstrued Relational Affronts, Troubles Skirted III

Borgen stands up, first looking indignant, but with a throaty laugh and back slap he leads Holger into your living room. They both light up pipes together and take a moment before Borgen speaks up.

“Brother, there is change coming to our lands, and we’ve got to be ready to meet it head on. The reemergence of wizards, the unrest in Bahltruvia, that business with 'Alghavaz', I’ve been preparing, slowly. Those coins hold a significance you don’t yet understand.”

He flips a singular coin into the air, it glints in the light of your home before his hand reaches up almost too quickly to see, grabbing it from midair - as he opens his palm, the coin is gone completely.

“Your venture though, it sounds…interesting. Perhaps we should explore it together? I’d like to show you some rarities I picked up from various places around greater Redbrook and even passing into the great Romuskan desert. Those wastes are no place for sane men.”

Holger studies Borgen intently as Borgen hands you another list to verify and notarize.
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Pleasantly Arbitrating Misconstrued Relational Affronts, Troubles Skirted II