Peculiar Endings III

The following morning, you wake to the smell of a breakfast of peculiar foods. Cecil is nowhere to be seen, and after some idle chatter, you agree to handle your business at your farm, Buddy seems to think that Ric has no proof other than instinct that you’re involved with the Golden Leaf, and suggests you go on with your day and wait until you hear from the rest of the Golden Leaf before you move forward with how to handle Ric and the various situations that have unfolded.

At your home, a letter awaits you, this time not held by a dagger, but by a small golden pin. As you pull off the pin, a shower of golden light envelops the note, and the script glimmers before you.


I’ve made many mistakes, and I’m ready to make amends. Let us all gather at your home in two days to clear the air and plan for the reckoning of our erstwhile mayor. This madness has gone on long enough.

Cecil Langstaff
Protector of Redbrook, Keeper of Aelingos

PS: I’ve got a doozy of a spell lined up, could you help with a few things?

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Peculiar Endings II