My Cabbages XIV

Baba’s Cabbage Shop has progressed nicely as you return. The roof has been rebuilt and reraised. As you look over it, the roof is somehow gaudier and more noticeable than the first iteration, with images of various vegetable leaves and produce carved into the shingling. In the center and rising out of the roof, leaves that resemble cabbages are the most prominent flourish. It's the strangest and most entrancing cabbage shack you've ever seen.

Baba has completely sold out of cabbages yet again on his ramshackle cart at the front of the building, with more townsfolk lining up for the next shipment. You notice his melon cart has seen very little interest, comparatively.

Baba pulls you to the side and conspiratorially looks at you, “Are you a good cook, or do you know one?”

Mariya immediately jumps to mind and you point Baba in her direction.

“Thanks friend! I just need a little advice. Maybe you could bring me some ingredients in the meantime for a new soup I dreamt up!”
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My Cabbages XIII