Junction Of Joyful Appreciation

A visitor arrived at Star’s tower last night, but Star found himself rather unprepared to care for a guest, especially one that he unintentionally pulled through a cauldron of interuniversal ether. Fortunately, the purple haired visitor has a good sense of humor about the mixup, and he’s very understanding since he also happens to be a fellow aficionado of magical research.

Once his guest wakes, Star will be sending the wizard back to his proper universe, but before he does, Star would like to give the wizard a few gifts for his troubles. Will you help Star find a few things that symbolically say, “Thanks for having a good attitude about being pulled through an interuniversal cauldron mistakenly, and I hope your trip back is significantly less nauseating”?

Congrats to ConcernedApe and the whole Stardew Valley development team!
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Available From
March 19, 2024
Available To
March 31, 2024