Island of Friendship

“Do you remember when I was trying to find news about my brother? He was lost at sea for a while. I finally got a clue about what happened when you brought that message in a bottle. It was from Norris. I recognized his sloppy scrawl immediately.”

“The storm that hit Redbrook was the same one that sunk the Feitserald and stranded her crew. Norris was among the fishing crew on the Feitserald. He was also one of the first to make it off the sinking ship and onto an empty island.”

“Funny enough, Norris threw that message in a bottle into the water shortly after he ended up on the island. Apparently, the island was littered with glass bottles and he always wanted to use one for a message. Following Norris, the whole crew took turns doing the same. They wrote messages, sealed them in the bottles, and lobbed them out to sea. They decided that every additional message in a bottle improved the likelihood of rescue. Who knows how many are still floating around out there. And it turned out they really only needed that one message.”

“Anyway, the important thing is that Norris made it home. After I got that message, I went straight to Captain Logan and he let me come along on the Zefurea to rescue the Feitserald crew.”

“The rescue was extremely unexciting. Captain Logan knew immediately where the Feitserald crew was. We got to the island without incident, and then ferried the stranded crew onto the Zefurea in a few trips. The only thing that made the rescue interesting was Norris giving me that mask he found on the island. Unfortunately, I dropped the mask and stepped on it as soon as we got back on board the Zefurea.”

“That’s what caused me all that trouble with trying to find the island again. Remember that adventure? Remember all the wild stuff that came after?”

“I’m glad that’s all behind us now. Wanna go fishing?”