Far Away XIV

Captain Logan took his ship to some of the more distant, populated islands to search for Thomas and Captain Thomas. Unfortunately, no one has seen the Sarafina or the Thomases. However, everyone that Captain Logan’s crew talked to knew Ragvin. They said he and his crew were fair traders and often gave goods away to the less fortunate. Some folks also wondered how Ragvin could stay in business at his prices. The people of the islands that Captain Logan visited expected Ragvin to return within the next few months.

Lorn suspects Ragvin and crew may return to Redbrook after they return to the distant islands Captain Logan visited. He thinks it may be time to wait to talk to Ragvin. Sometimes when we’re lost it’s best to stand still and wait for opportunity to come to us.

Lorn appreciates all of your help supporting Captain Logan and his crew. He couldn’t have done it without you. Now, to show thanks to Captain Logan and his crew for their efforts, will you help Lorn gather another load of fish?
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Far Away XIII