Consequences and Defenses XXII

Geist is glad that you came to help Beatrix. Beatrix was suffering due to that damaged spell. For now, she’s resting easy.

Geist was also suffering. She awoke each night not knowing who, when, or where she was. She was so terrified and confused and hungry that she tried to eat a horse, instead of the fish she now remembers that she prefers. She’s very glad to have her memory back.

Unfortunately, Geist still needs your help. The spell that Rosalie repaired was meant to suppress Beatrix’s dragon form and the painful memories of their shared ancient past. Geist was able to remove the spell after Rosalie fixed it in such a creative way, but that brings them back to the original problem. Geist thinks Beatrix will be overwhelmed by the flood of thousands of years of painful memories. She thinks it may destroy Beatrix.

Will you help Geist with a new spell? She wants to take all of their memories, beyond Beatrix’s time in this town, and store them in a flame orb. Then, she would like you to protect the orb until Geist and Beatrix both ask for it.
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Consequences and Defenses XXI