A Great Way To Unwind I

Jill is pretty stressed out right now. On the days that she gets to work on her mechanical projects, she feels great. On the days she has to work the fields, she has this nagging bundle of discomfort in her stomach. Today is a day in the fields.

What Jill needs is something to do in the fields when she can’t endure the crop work anymore. Then, she can take a quick break to refresh herself and relieve that stomachache.

Jill has the perfect idea! When she was young, Jill’s parents would help her fly kites during the early spring. It was so relaxing and so fun. Now, she could easily fly a kite anytime she gets overwhelmed in the fields. Will you help Jill find a decent kite?

Note: The item requested can be found in the Magical Chest 01, which can be obtained from trading with other players, the 28-day Daily Chores reward, or the April Starter Pack (Open Magical Chest 01 at the Locksmith)
Farming Level
Fishing Level
Crafting Level
Exploring Level
Available From
April 1, 2024
Available To
April 30, 2024
A Great Way To Unwind II